LED Lights, Light Kits and Light Bars

Land Rover Defender LED Lights Light Kits and Light Bars

The massive choice of Land Rover Defender lighting options has become one of the model’s best-known features over many years, giving owners the scope to turn their workaday wonder into something truly original - and possibly, even more hard-working.

Alternatively, as many Defenders get older, we at LR Parts also pride ourselves on being a reliable source of quality parts for even the most unheralded yet essential job, such as an indicator bulb or an LED interior bulb, a high-quality upgrade to the conventional filament bulbs.

The new range of LED light kits and light bars has been one of the most popular and effective recent additions to the range of lights available for any Defender, bringing you the latest and most efficient type of lighting anywhere, to help you see and be seen in all weathers.

LED lights bring a massive benefit over their predecessors, in being so much more economical, needing far less power to produce a much more concentrated, powerful light.

So while making the switch to Defender LED lights can be a sizeable investment, their far longer lifespan and the better-quality light that you - and everyone who sees you coming from some distance away - will benefit from.

We’re Land Rover drivers of more than 40 years’ standing, and this experience is on the end of the phone or ready to answer your emails if you need to contact us with any questions to help you find the exact part you’re looking for. 

With customers in dozens of countries, no request to send our parts to anywhere in the world fazes us - as our 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot testifies! So come to us for all your Defender’s needs, and we’ll show you why we’re so trusted.