Land Rover Discovery 1 Brakes

You want to always be sure that your Discovery will stop safely and - in an emergency - quickly whenever you need to. And there's an extensive number of parts working together to bring more than 2,700kg of car to a stop safely. This means Land Rover Discovery 1 brakes need regular maintenance and replacement, and as long-standing Land Rover experts and enthusiasts, we're the people who can help you with whatever you need. So if you're overhauling the brakes on your Land Rover Discovery 1 and don't want to pay over the odds for your parts, search through our extensive range of parts at And tap into our wide knowledge of Land Rovers if you need any help at any time. We'll be sure to steer you in the right direction to finding the right parts to keep your Land Rover Discovery 1 brakes working properly, and keeping you and your Discovery's contents safe.

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