Range Rover L405 2012-2022

Range Rover L405 Parts & Accessories

After the success of its initial line of off-road models, by the early 1950s Land Rover had well established itself within the industry as the go-to vehicle for those who have heavier duty transportation requirements. While the original Rover models were extremely popular among members of the farming community, Land Rover saw an opportunity to introduce a new line of vehicles that would appeal to members of the wider auto market who were looking for transportation that didn’t sacrifice style over practicality.

20 years later the Range Rover was born, a pioneer within the SUV market which boasted a combination of the off-road capabilities of the preexisting Land Rover models and the comfort, style and on-road capabilities of the Rover saloon, finding the perfect balance for a truly all-terrain vehicle.

Since then, Land Rover has consistently developed and refined its Range Rover line leading to the 2012 release of its fourth-generation model, the Range Rover L405. In true Land Rover fashion, the Range Rover L405 was a front runner in the market being the first SUV to feature an all-aluminum monocoque structure, affording it a significant reduction in weight over its predecessors. In addition to this, the L405 features an updated version of the Range Rover’s ‘Terrain Response’ system, which continually monitors the surrounding terrain and adjusts the vehicle’s suspension and traction settings accordingly, optimising your driving experience second by second, regardless of the conditions.

LR Parts stock a huge variety of Range Rover L405 parts to keep your Rover running the way it was built to. We also have a choice of Range Rover L405 accessories, including interior protection and loadspace solutions, so your L405 can remain the pinnacle of practicality, comfort and style.