Range Rover L405 Suspension

Range Rovers have always boasted an unrivaled off-road driving experience from the very first model that Land Rover manufactured, however, their all-terrain capabilities were enhanced even further when the conventional coil spring suspension system was superseded by the new and improved air suspension system in 1993. The Range Rover L405 suspension system uses airbags that inflate and deflate to adjust the vehicle body’s height from the wheelbase, which work together with the adaptive dynamics of the Range Rover’s Terrain Response system to optimize your driving experience, no matter what conditions you’re in.

The parts that make up the Range Rover L405 air suspension system naturally go through a lot of wear and tear so it’s not unexpected that after time some of these elements may need to be replaced - at LR Parts, we stock everything you could ever need for your car's suspension system, from airbags to anti-roll bars, in order to help you keep your Rover running as smoothly as possible.