Discovery 2

Land Rover Discovery 2 Parts, Spares & Accessories

By the time the second-generation Land Rover Discovery was launched, in 1999, the car had established itself, not as a go-anywhere utility vehicle, but rather an upscale, city-friendly family car. The main innovations to help it reach its target market focused on the interior, and making it more comfortable and family-friendly. The Discovery 2 also gained more luggage space, even though this did adversely affect its off-road capabilities. A new in-line, direct injection five-cylinder diesel engine also came on stream, which was more powerful yet also more economical than its predecessor. The V8 engine in the Land Rover Discovery 2 also benefited from being boosted to 4.0 litres, and getting a new exhaust system. Land Rover Discovery 2 parts are still widely available, but you can save yourself time, money and the bother of shopping around by coming straight to us as We've done the digging for you, so whether you're looking for a new Land Rover Discovery 2 exhaust, or any body parts for a Discovery 2, be sure to check us out first!