Service Kits and Filters

Range Rover Evoque 12-19 Service Kits and Filters

If you're interested in keeping your stylish Range Rover Evoque on the road and in tip top condition then ensuring it is well serviced is imperative. We feel there is no more important a job than changing the oil and filters every year or 12,000 miles. 

This Filter and Service Kit section of LR Parts' website will ensure that any job being undertaken is never left half finished. We try to offer all filters and service kits are offered in three pricing/quality options - Britpart's range of inexpensive aftermarket filters, then the next level up is the Mahle, Coopers, Mann and Delphi branded OEM quality filters and finally it's factory fitted Genuine Land Rover filters.

Range Rover offerred the Evoque with three different engine options and we have both full service kits and individual filters for each of them - please browse from 2.2 Diesel, 2.0 Diesel Ingenium and 2.0 Petrol Ingenium sections.


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