Axle and Drivetrain

Discovery 2 Axle and Drivetrain

The Discovery 2 is a fantastic vehicle both on-road and off-road but if your Front Axle, Propshaft, Rear Axe or Differential needs renovation or upgrading then everything that you require is listed right here including Wheel Bearing Kits, Seals, Front and Rear Propshfts, UJ Universal Joints, Overdrive kits, Diff Lockers and Slip Diffs.


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  1. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    TYL100030 - Grease Nipple for Propshaft on Land Rover Series, Defender, Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Range Rover Classic and P38
    As low as £0.19 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: TYL100030 (Supersessions: 549229 > STC4808 > TYL100030)
  2. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    LR045926 - Bolt from Rear Transfer Box Flange to Propshaft - Defender, Discovery 1 & 2 and Range Rover Classic
    As low as £0.24 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: LR045926 (Supersessions: FRC3602 > LR045926)