Interior Lighting

Interior lighting parts and fittings for a Land Rover Defender

How your lighting looks on the inside of your Defender plays a big part in your overall enjoyment of owning one of these iconic vehicles.

After all, if you’re going to head off the beaten track - as surely every Defender owner yearns to do now and then - the familiarity of the controls and instruments all around you is going to give you the confidence you’ll need to tackle what lies ahead.

So from your dashboard to your door openings, be sure to stay on top of all their workings by keeping your interior lighting working at its best.

You might consider having the odd interior bulb not working nothing more than a bit of an inconvenience, but when replacing them can cost just a few quid and a small number of minutes of your (or your friendly mechanic’s) time, then it can be easier to get your interior bulbs or switches fixed quickly than to let them stay inoperative for a while. That way, you might easily forget that they’re working when you REALLY need them!

Of course, most interior lighting is strictly practical, and intended to be there when you need it, and not thought about when you don’t. But new products such as Terrafirma’s LED puddle lamps bring a touch of red carpet glamour every time you step into and out of your Defender - you’ll just have to supply the red carpet yourself!

With more than 200,000 parts in our complete catalogue, and worldwide shipping available, we completely understand if you feel a little overwhelmed by the choice. So if you need any pointers towards the right Defender parts, call, email or message us and we’ll find you the answer you want from our 40 years of living with Land Rovers.


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