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Series 2 & 2A & 3 LOF Brake Parts and Kits

LOF Brake Parts set out to produce the best Land Rover Series Brake drums on the market currently - they are a vast improvement on the standard ones available which LOF themsevles call 'terrible'!

Important things to note with upgraded brake kits from LOF for the Land Rover Series:

  1. The Concentricity of the LOF brake drums, which make the 10" Series drums to a tolerance of 40 microns concentricity and 50 microns run out which is tighter than any manufacturer of brake drums ever!

  2. The matching of the Brake shoes to suit the drums, with a brake compound designed to minimise any squeaking and juddering! In addition, we fitted the shoes with a solid correctly shaped post rivet for spring retention, you will know cheaper brands have a straight cut rivet that tends to fall out!

For complete transparency we would like to inform you that our Series 3 Drums and shoes are made in Scandinavia, Europe, with a keen eye on quality!


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