Cubby Boxes and Interior Storage Solutions

Land Rover Defender Cubby Boxes and Interior Storage Solutions

Every Defender owner appreciates their vehicle’s capacity for carrying all kinds of loads, of all shapes and sizes.

But sometimes, keeping all that stuff organised can be a challenge. If you have that problem, here at LR Parts, we’ve got your solution.

You can stash anything you need to keep close to hand in a ‘Chubby’ Defender cubby box. Its black vinyl lid keeps whatever you store inside clean and dry, no matter how mucky the rest of your Defender’s interior gets!

It’s also a great companion for the Land Rover portable pet rinse system, giving you somewhere to stash dog brushes and towels so that your four-legged friend can have a quick clean after having a great time in the mud. And after all that exercise, your pooch is sure to have worked up a thirst, so why not also find room in your cubby box for a genuine Land Rover spill-resistant water bowl? It’s what every well-travelled canine can want!