Alloy Wheels

Land Rover Defender Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels weren’t around when the Defender first appeared, but their attractive yet tough and long-lasting nature has made them an essential part of many owners’ restoration projects. They’re also a natural choice if your Defender’s steel wheels have reached the end of their life.

Now, the Defender is included in many wheel manufacturers’ catalogues, because they know how much hard work lots of them are put through, and from time to time, that does mean there’s a need for quality replacements.

A new set of Defender alloy wheels could well be the finishing touch your Land Rover needs to show that you really care for it. If so, we’ve got a great range for you to choose from here at LR Parts.

And if you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, why not also take a look at ways of keeping the whole underside of your vehicle well protected, with a new set of mudflaps and mud guards, or our selection of wheel arch kits?
Don’t forget, too that we can also help you with Defender tyres, made by all-terrain specialist BF Goodrich, who makes tyres for general road use as well as mud tyres for when you really want to get dirty...