Grilles and Vents for Defender

Defender Grilles and Vents

Keeping the dirt out of your Land Rover’s inner workings is very important, especially when you like to take it splashing around in the mud.

So give your vehicle extra layers of protection with a neat, easily-fitted Defender grille.

How about a heritage front grille with an original-style Land Rover logo which will fit snugly across the front of your vehicle to keep out dirt and other debris which could contaminate your engine?

We offer a range of Defender grille fixings in both traditional and modern looks, and in a range of colours including black and silver-look aluminium, which will give a clean, new look to its front.

Why not also look at our range of other Land Rover Defender trim products, such as a set of  aluminium grab handles or even, for a smart, sleek new look, an aluminium and leather gear lever cover, which will replace a part that gets lots of use, yet is so often overlooked?

We can ship all over the world, and our customers are found in many countries, so give us a try for any Defender parts you need.