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Chelsea Truck Co Wheels for Land Rover Defender

Standing tall above many other vehicles, on the road, in the field, and even in the supermarket car park, a Land Rover Defender is always sure to grab people’s attention.

And if you’ve taken the trouble to pick the right colour, and interior and exterior fittings to make yours stand out, why not choose a set of Rostyle alloy wheels from Chelsea Truck Co as the finishing touch?

These wheels match the functionality of your Defender’s original wheels, yet give it a sleek, modern look which will set it apart from all others. Yet their designs are restrained enough to match the vehicle’s classic shape.

While Chelsea Truck Co parts for the Defender include a range of wheels, along with other interior and exterior improvements, we at LR Parts have chosen to stock its Rostyle-inspired models which complement the functional look of the vehicle, and are notably solid and durable - the qualities which lots of Defender owners bought their vehicles for in the first place!

So while these Defender wheels sit comfortably in Chelsea Truck Co’s range on the strength of their looks, we know our customers put more functional concerns at the top of their shopping lists for Defender parts, and why we’re only too happy to sell and recommend them to you.

If you have any questions about availability or other technical details, and want to be sure that our Chelsea Truck Co forged alloy wheels are right for your Defender, call, email or message us, and we’d be happy to answer any questions you have. Then when you’re ready, you can buy new Defender wheels from our range with just a few quick clicks.


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