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Land Rover Defender Steering Upgrades

Keeping your Defender pointing in the right direction at all times puts some pretty heavy demands on its steering system.

So when you always need to be sure that these mostly invisible and unheralded, but actually vital, parts are working at their best, or need to be replaced, come to us first at LR Parts.

Like any other car, your Defender’s steering system is closely checked every time you put it through the MoT test. But the kinds of stresses often experienced by these parts on a Defender, especially if you take it out into the wilds, certainly are more than on your average family car.

So it will pay you to keep a close watch on the condition of your Landy’s steering system and, if necessary, have heavy-duty steering arms and track rod ends fitted. These will improve your vehicle’s steering response, and are purposely designed to withstand the extra stresses of off-road use.

Upgrading your Defender’s steering system will bring you the greatest benefits if it’s also done alongside improvements to your vehicle’s suspension - so we also offer the most comprehensive range of such parts for regular use, or in upgraded form if your Defender earns its keep out in the fields.

You can buy any of our products in just a few quick mouse clicks, or if you need to take your time and require any help, we’re on hand through our live chat facility, or on the end of the line at 0151 486 0066, every weekday from 9am to 5.30pm UK time.

With more than 200,000 lines either in stock at all times or available quickly through our supply network, LR Parts are the people to come to whatever you need to keep your Defender doing the hard work it’s built for and loves!

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121 Products

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