Defender Seats

Land Rover Defender Seats

Are you sitting comfortably? If the view from your Land Rover Defender driving seat isn’t as commanding as it could be, it might be because, like most car components, the seat has got a little floppier and less supportive - that’s what age and wear and tear do for you!

If your Defender seats aren’t quite what they were, you can replace them pretty easily and quickly with ones which are much more comfortable and sturdy. 

Take a look at the Defender front seats and Defender second row seats available from us at We can supply you with seats in a range of traditional or more modern, performance-focused styles. Or if you don’t want to go the whole hog, we also offer a variety of seat re-trim kits so you can refresh your existing seats without the trouble of completely ripping them out and fitting new ones.

We also sell the popular Defender inward-facing seats manufactured by Britpart which will make your loading area far more versatile and flexible, flipping up and down quickly and with very little effort.

Our range of Defender sports seats comes from well-regarded manufacturers such as Corbeau and Sparco, so you know that, along with a completely fresh look, your Defender will be getting an interior refresh which will be just as durable as the car itself.

At the same time as treating yourself to new seats for your Land Rover Defender, don’t forget to check out our seat rails, to give you a wide range of forwards or backwards adjustment, and our range of new seat belt kits which will keep everyone safe while they’re enjoying your Defender’s remarkable roominess and excellent road handling.

If you aren’t entirely sure which of our seats, seat belts or associated accessories is exactly right for you, drop us an email to, or call us on +44 151 486 0066, and chat to a member of our knowledgeable customer service team.