Canvas Hoods by Britpart

Land Rover Defender canvas hoods from Britpart

A canvas hood for a Defender has long been a popular and effective way of protecting all those nick-nacks that you always need to carry with you.

But as we all know, the canvas doesn’t last forever, and there’s always the risk of losing the odd few hood staples that keep the structure in place.

Well, don’t worry because whatever you need to keep the roof over your Defender’s cargo area intact, we’ve got it. Right from replacement canvas hook staples, all the way to a complete Britpart canvas hood kit for long- or short-wheelbase Defenders, LRParts is your go-to online store.

We’re also here to give you all the advice you need, so you can always be sure of getting exactly the Defender parts you need, whether it’s for a regular service, or a complete overhaul. 

You can reach us by phone, email or live chat, and we’ll happily answer any questions you have. So don’t let any job on a Defender defeat you - LRParts is on your side, and we have the expertise to help you tackle any repair.


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