Automatic Gearbox

Land Rover Defender Automatic Gearbox

The transfer box is at the heart of every Land Rover Defender's four-wheel-drive system, basically transferring the drive from the gearbox over to the right of the vehicle and then splitting the drive to the front and rear prop shafts. The same system has been in use (with minor modifications) ever since being introduced in the Land Rover 110 in 1983, which tells you a lot about how long they can last! If your Defender has been tuned for extra performance or even re-engined, this puts a lot of extra strain on the transfer box, which can cause it to fail. But fear not, we at LR Parts can source you a replacement Land Rover Defender automatic gearbox or Land Rover Defender transfer box should you need one. Call us first for any of your needs involving your Defender's automatic gearbox or transfer box - we'll make sure everything fits into place so you can keep moving smoothly.


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