Headlights and LED Headlights

Land Rover Defender headlights and LED headlights

At LR Parts, you’ll find a great choice of halogen and LED headlights to help you replace your Defender’s existing lights, or to upgrade them to the latest, super-efficient designs.

We stock everything from a set of headlamp screws to fit and keep your lights in place, to a set of stunning Wipac LED headlamps.

While they’re also much brighter, helping your Defender to see and be seen in all conditions, a big benefit of LEDs is that their pure, white light is very natural-looking, even in daylight. 

But even that might pale into insignificance against the money you’ll save by switching from halogen bulbs to their modern LED equivalents - because they need less power to produce an equivalent amount of light, meaning they can last up to 50 times longer! So you might pay a bit more than for a set of halogen headlights - but you’ll recoup much more than the difference in price over the time that you have LED headlights fitted to your Defender.

LED headlights use the same housings and connectors as the halogen lights you’re used to, so you don’t need to change anything - just slot them in place and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

We also stock full headlamp assembly kits which contain all the screws, seals and other fittings you’ll need to carry out a full headlamp replacement. 

While all these kits and individual light fittings come with full instructions, many of our customers get great reassurance from being able to call on our more than 40 years’ experience as Land Rover owners and drivers to get answers to any questions standing in the way of them finding exactly the Land Rover parts they’re looking for.

Call, email or message us with any queries over your Defender lighting needs, and we’ll either have the answer, or will know someone who does!


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