Performance Brake Pads and Discs

Land Rover Defender Performance Brake Pads and Discs

With more than two million models built since it was first introduced in 1947, you could say that there’s been no stopping the Land Rover Defender.

Except that an essential part of several generations of this rugged, reliable jack-of-all-trades vehicle has been a tough and durable brake system.

And for drivers who like to make their Defender work hard for its living, we at LR Parts offer you a wide choice of uprated brake kits, brake hoses, brake pads and brake discs, all made to the highest standards to be capable of keeping your Defender under control while it’s slowing down.

A new set of ventilated disc brakes will make a big difference to the stopping capabilities of your Defender, especially if you regularly travel longer distances on fast roads, or carry heavy loads which need extra force to be able to slow them down safely and predictably.

Or you can even give your Defender the kind of high-quality, performance-oriented look usually reserved for high-performance sports cars, with a front brake axle kit complete with red calipers. This is the perfect complement to other modifications to allow your Defender to tackle the types of terrain where lesser vehicles fear to tread - such as a suspension lifting kit to give those vital extra few inches of ground clearance, or uprated road springs which keep a firm grip on body roll while your Defender is doing its stuff.

A set of uprated brakes for your Land Rover Defender doesn’t just make perfect sense if you like to get rough with it, though - it will repay you over time by requiring less maintenance, and lasting longer between replacements. So it could be one modification that will easily pay for itself in the amount of extra faithful service you get from your Defender, and the shorter time it spends off the road needing replacement Land Rover parts

You’ll find a great choice of performance brake parts here at LR Parts, where we express our passion for all things Land Rover by bringing you a reliable, one-stop shop for Defender parts and all the other classic models under the Land Rover or Range Rover banners.

Customers on every continent use us as their go-to source of parts for their Land Rovers, and 93 per cent of them have rewarded us with highly-prized ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ ratings on Trustpilot.

Find out why we have such an overwhelming vote of our customers’ confidence by getting in touch to discuss any requirements for your Land Rover’s parts. We’ll give you advice based on our own experience as owners and drivers, and the best products for your individual needs. Like every Defender, each owners’ needs are unique, and we reflect that in our tailored guidance and huge product selection. So take a look around and let us know if we can help you in any way.