Land Rover Defender Hydraulics

Hydraulic systems, which use the power of high-pressure liquids or gases, are widely used on many cars’ braking systems, and Land Rovers are no exception.

These systems are known to be highly reliable and under normal conditions, usually last for many years.

But inevitably, they do start to lose effectiveness over time, and this shows itself when you need to either pull or push on them with ever greater force to get them to do their job properly.

If you get to know us at LR Parts, however, replacing life-expired or excessively worn Land Rover Defender hydraulic parts won’t give you a headache.

We stock a wide range of parts, right from a brake pipe clip or a brake master cylinder repair kit, to a full brake pedal assembly. Most of these are available from stock, or to order with lead times of as little as one day.

We back up our wide choice of top-quality Defender parts with reliable, efficient delivery which has seen our parts delivered to all parts of the world.

Our combination of quality products and attentive,  helpful service has seen us awarded ‘Excellent’ or ‘Good’ ratings by 93% of our customers, many of whom come back to us repeatedly for all the Defender parts they need.

So please get in touch with us if you need any help to find the exact parts you need, or order with confidence and see why we’ve earned such a great reputation for Land Rover parts and service where no question is too trivial or request too small.


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