Tailgate Door Locks

Land Rover Defender tailgate door locks

When the going gets rough, keeping the contents of your Land Rover Defender secure can be a demanding job. So when you need to source replacement Defender tailgate door locks, only a specialist, such as LR Parts, will do. We carry a wide range of such spares in stock at all times, which is why we've become the trusted supplier to many Land Rover owners. Join their ranks, and speak to us today about the parts you need for your Defender. We can make sure your belongings stay well, er, defended!


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  1. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    EKC000030PMA - Stick On Style Defender Rear End Door Barrel Seal / Surround - Fits all Defenders
    £1.50 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: EKC000030 (Supersessions: 347151 > EKC000030PMA)
  2. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    LR075817 - Defender Rear Safari Door Hinge - Lower Hinge
    As low as £11.64 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: LR075817 (Supersessions: BHB710060 > BHB710061 > BHB710100 > LR075817)
  3. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    LR016708 - Rear End Door Check Strap for Land Rover Defender
    As low as £9.07 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: LR016708 (Supersessions: ASR1018 > BHQ710020 > BHQ710030 > LR016708)