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Land Rover Discovery 2 Vehicle Lights

You can replace any original or fit a variety of extra vehicle lights to a Land Rover Discovery 2, so it can be a minefield when you want to choose the right parts. Make that task so much easier by coming straight to LR Parts, where we stock a massive choice of Discovery 2 lights - everything from a single bulb to a full kit to make every corner of your car easier to see by all other road users. Replacing Land Rover Discovery 2 vehicle lights is often a fairly straightforward DIY job - but it doesn't mean you can't get things wrong. That's why at LR Parts, we're happy to answer any questions to help you get the right lights for your Discovery 2 - first time and every time. So call or message us if you need us to shed light on any questions you have.


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  1. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    XFC500050 - Rear Number Plate Lamp for Discovery 2 - Fits 1998-2004 Rear Door Handle
    As low as £9.57 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: XFC500050 (Supersessions: PRC5838 > XFC500050)
  2. Land Rover and Range Rover Parts
    LR000702 - Amber Indicator Bulb - For Multiple Land Rover and Range Rover Vehicles
    As low as £0.63 (Exc VAT)
    Part Number: LR000702 (Supersessions: XZQ100190 > XZQ100190L > LR000702)