Roof Racks and Roof Rails

Land Rover Discovery 1 Roof Racks and Roof Rails

Your Discovery has lots of space inside for carrying everything you need. But despite this, there are always situations when more room comes in handy. A common solution that makes extra space available is to use a roof rack, and here at LR Parts, we can fix you up with purpose-made Discovery 1 roof rails and a compatible roof rack. Both the rack and the rails to which you secure them have fully welded joints so that they are built to safely carry up to the maximum load allowed, and do it time and again, year after year. The supporting bars on this Land Rover Discovery 1 roof rack are arranged longitudinally - in other words, they line up in the direction of travel. This helps make the roof rack more aerodynamic when in use. And of course, because you'll need some help to safely load and unload the roof rack on your Land Rover Discovery 1, we also supply the separate access ladders so you can reach right up onto your roof rack and be sure that your load is properly distributed across the base. Because safety is key when fitting and using your roof rack, we're on hand to advise you if you need any extra help. Just message or call us.


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