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The best performance upgrades for your TD5 Land Rover Defender

GuideLand Rover

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In this guide, we'll be exploring the power, performance, and speed enhancements that can be achieved through upgrading the intercooler for a Defender TD5. We'll examine the advantages of upgrading your existing setup and the steps you can take to maximise results. Additionally, we'll briefly mention factors such as removal of the EGR valve and the inclusion of Silicone hoses and a Turbo Boost Box for improved performance.

Key Takeaways

  • Upgrading the intercooler can boost a Defender TD5's power, performance, and speed.
  • Performance upgrades without an intercooler – including EGR valve removal – may be a cost-effective starting point.
  • Investing in quality components, like Silicone hoses and Turbo Boost Box, may further enhance results and simplify the DIY installation process.

Upgrading the Intercooler

Standard Replacement vs Upgrade

When considering an upgrade for a Defender TD5 intercooler, one must first evaluate the differences between a standard replacement and an upgraded option. The primary difference between the two is the depth of the intercooler, which has a significant impact on performance. The upgraded intercoolers are often deeper, consequently increasing airflow and enhancing engine performance.

An upgraded intercooler, while possibly more costly than a standard replacement, offers various benefits that can justify its higher price. For instance, the upgraded option from Ali sport, priced at £500, is not only aesthetically pleasing but also well-made, thus providing excellent value for money. In comparison, a genuine replacement TD5 intercooler from Land Rover costs the same but offers fewer advantages.

Additionally, no significant alterations are required when upgrading the intercooler, as the upgraded version uses the same fixings as the standard one. The installation process is relatively straightforward and can be accomplished by most Land Rover owners with basic mechanical skills, a bit of patience and the supplied instructions.

In conclusion, upgrading a Defender TD5 intercooler can lead to significant performance improvements, making the investment worthwhile for many Land Rover enthusiasts. The additional depth of the upgraded intercooler promotes increased airflow and engine performance, outweighing the potential cost difference.

Performance Upgrades without Intercooler

EGR Valve Removal

One of the key elements to restrictive performance on a TD5 is the EGR valve. Removing the EGR valve can improve engine performance because engines prefer to have clean, dense air. Blanking off the EGR valve ensures that the gases are expelled from the vehicle rather than being recirculated.

Comparison of EGR Blanking Kits

For this guide, there are two EGR blanking kits being compared. One is from Britpart, priced at £22 plus VAT, and the other is from AliSport, priced at £44 plus VAT. Both kits come with a blanking plate to replace the EGR valve. However, there are some differences in the quality and aesthetic of the kits.

The AliSport blanking plate is made of stainless steel, which will not rust. Additionally, their outlet pipe features high-quality machining and welding, offering a shiny appearance that will enhance the look of an engine bay. On the other hand, the Britpart kit offers a black steel blanking plate that, while it will do the same job, may eventually rust. The Britpart kit also comes with additional bolts that are not included in the AliSport kit.

In terms of performance, there isn't a significant difference between the two kits. However, the AliSport kit may be more appealing to those who place a high value on the appearance of their engine bay. It should be noted that the price difference between the two kits is significant, as the AliSport kit is twice the price of the Britpart kit.

Silicone Hoses and Turbo Boost Box

Hoses and Clamps

When upgrading the intercooler for a Defender TD5, it is essential to also replace the existing hoses. Choosing high-quality Silicone hoses is important for optimal performance. These hoses are more rigid and less likely to collapse under high airflow, due to their construction with multiple wraps. Kits are available that include all hoses, clamps, and other necessary components for a complete upgrade.

Options for different colours, such as blue, red, or black, are available from various manufacturers like Britpart, Terra Firma, and Ali sport. The choice ultimately comes down to cost and the individual's preference regarding aesthetics and quality.

Installing Turbo Boost Box

A Turbo Boost Box is another vital component to consider when upgrading intercooler performance. This device prevents the vehicle from entering limp mode or triggering engine warning lights due to perceived over-boosting by the system. Priced at around £100, it is easy to install and essential for optimum performance.

The Turbo Boost Box connects directly into the existing wiring loom and fixings on the vehicle, meaning no additional fixings need to be purchased. It comes with instructions and is a straightforward plug-and-play installation. This addition ensures that the performance upgrades from the new intercooler, Silicone hoses, and other modifications can be fully utilised without the vehicle shutting down due to perceived system issues.

Investing in Upgraded Intercooler

Comparing Standard and Upgraded Intercoolers

As you invest in upgrading your Defender TD5's performance, one major component to consider is the intercooler. This is the perfect step after you have done your wastegate adjustment, fitted your EGR blanking kit, installed silicone hoses, and added a turbo boost box.

To understand the benefits of an upgraded intercooler, it's essential to compare the differences between a standard intercooler and an upgraded one. The most significant difference lies in the depth – the Ali sport intercooler has a considerably greater depth compared to the standard TD5 intercooler. These upgraded intercoolers are not only beautifully made but also competitively priced at around £500, the same cost as a genuine Land Rover replacement.

When it comes to installation, the upgraded intercooler fits seamlessly into the existing fixtures. All the pipe and lug placements align perfectly with those of the standard intercooler. The only difference is the improved depth, which provides increased performance.

Even though terms like adjusting the wastegate, removing EGR valves, and intercooler fins might sound complicated, the installation process is quite manageable for most Land Rover owners. Armed with some patience, a spanner, and a screwdriver, this is a doable job that can make a significant difference to the performance of your vehicle.

Installation and DIY

When it comes to upgrading the intercooler for a Defender TD5, performing the installation oneself can be a rewarding experience, as it requires simple tools like a spanner and a screwdriver, paired with some patience. While terms like adjusting the wastegate, removing EGR valves, and intercooler fins may seem intimidating, they are manageable tasks for most Land Rover owners.

To begin the upgrade process, consider starting with the easily-performed performance upgrades before deciding to invest in an upgraded intercooler. Blank off the EGR valve to prevent recirculation of dirty and hot gases into the engine, which can hinder performance.

Next, there are two kits to choose from for EGR valve blanking—a britpart and an Ali sport one—both with distinct price points and qualities. The britpart version includes a steel blanking plate, while the Ali sport version features a stainless steel one. The choice mainly depends on one's preference regarding appearance and price since both kits will deliver similar performance improvements.

The installation process also requires fitting silicone hoses, which will replace the old hoses that might be full of oil. This will prevent strain on the turbo and clogged airflow, often caused by the EGR valve. Britpart offers a complete kit with hoses, clamps, the trumpet, the blanking plate, and bolts. There are also alternative hose colours available from other brands such as Terra Firma and Ali sport.

A turbo boost box is essential for preventing the vehicle from over-boosting and potentially causing issues. The Britpart turbo boost box costing £100, connects directly into the existing loom and fixings on the vehicle, making it a straightforward addition.

After completing the initial performance upgrades and potentially receiving a paycheck, investing in an upgraded intercooler becomes reasonable. Ali sport intercoolers are well-regarded for their quality, despite their £500 price tag. The main difference between these intercoolers and the standard ones is the increase in depth, significantly improving their cooling ability.

Fitting the upgraded intercooler is a relatively simple process, with all fixings remaining the same as the standard intercooler. The only difference to be mindful of is the increase in depth.

In summary, upgrading the intercooler for a Defender TD5 and carrying out the installation process is a feasible task for many Land Rover owners. With easy-to-perform performance upgrades, the installation process rewards the owner with improved vehicle performance.

Conclusion and Future Content

Having gone through the process of upgrading a Defender TD5, it is clear that investing in an upgraded intercooler is worth the effort. Upgrading the intercooler, along with other measures such as wastegate adjustment, EGR valve blanking, and using silicone hoses, can lead to a noticeable improvement in the performance of the vehicle.

The good news for Land Rover enthusiasts is that this is an achievable task for most owners, as long as one has some patience and basic tool handling skills. The feeling of accomplishment after completing the upgrades will only be matched by the enhanced performance of the vehicle. Moreover, the upgrade process is made easier by the fact that manufacturers such as Britpart and Ali Sport offer kits that include all necessary components, like hoses, clamps, and blanking plates. An essential accessory to consider during these upgrades is the turbo boost box, which prevents the vehicle from going into limp mode or displaying engine warning lights due to over-boosting.

In the near future, there are plans to visit Ali Sport to learn more about how their quality intercoolers are made and to discuss the expected performance figures from a TD5 Defender or a TD5 Discovery at different stages of their performance. This information will be valuable for those looking to upgrade their vehicles and will provide a clearer picture of the actual benefits that can be achieved through these improvements.

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