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170 - Forte Seal Conditioner (125Ml)

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Part Number: 170

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Product Information

Forte Seal Conditioner will provide the following benefits in automotive engines, manual gearboxes and final drive differentials, hydraulic and other industrial equipment where oil leaks have occured: Reduce oil burning and exhaust smoking in vehicles where oil is leaking past the valve stem seals: Reduce unsightly leaks from camshaft and crankshaft oil seals: Reduce oil leaking from seals in a wide variety of automotive equipment: Ideal for used car preparation. Forte Seal Conditioner is a synthetic seal treatment which restores the elastomer properties to seals. A major cause of oil burning and exhaust smoking in automotive engines is due to the valve stem seals hardening and shrinking, which results in oil leaking past these seals into the combustion chambers. This condition can be treated by adding Forte Seal Conditioner to the crankcase oil. Forte Seal Conditioner is compatible with all conventional crankcase and gear oils, including fully synthetic and semi-synthetic engine and gear oils. Forte Seal Conditioner is not compatible with aqueous and non-petroleum oil-based fluids.


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