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RRT764-JC - Tailgate Upgrade for Range Rover Sport in Chrome and Java Black - Make your Vehicle Look like 2012 Vehicle

Part Description

Part Number: RRT764-JC

Excl. Vat: £150.00

The rear tailgate on the Range Rover Sport changed in 2012 from a two piece tailgate ( with opening top window section ) to a one piece tailgate.

The change was not welcomed by everyone as the top opening window was useful sometimes but the one piece tailgate came with power lift which was great.

The 2012 tailgate looked different in a couple of ways :-

a) Above the registration ( license plate ) a new silver strip was added that went the width of the tailgate.

b) The lettering RANGE ROVER was moved from the very bottom of the tailgate to just below the window.

If you have a 2005 - 2011 Range Rover Sport and want to make it look like the 2012 model from the rear you can either buy a complete 2012 tailgate and change it over or fit our clever conversion kit.

This kit consists of 3 panels :-

1) Underside base - section made from BLACK ABS plastic - all cars had this section in black so there is no need to paint this part..

2) Top section - supplied in Java Black ( see our other items for this kit in primed ready for colour coding )

3) Strip section - Chrome plated plastic ( we also have this available in Silver - see our other items )

This kit is a bolt on replacement kit that replaces the existing panels on the upper tailgate.

This kit can be fitted in 15 minutes, with the tailgate on the car and you only need a Torx T20 driver socket and a 8mm socket.

Material Chrome Plated ABS Plastic

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