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TF296 - PolyBush for Heavy Duty Anti-Roll Bar - For Rear Defender 90 (TF290 - 28mm) - Up to WA159806

Part Description

Part Number: TF296

Reduce Body Roll and Improve Stability (Image for demonstrative purposes)
Excl. Vat: £20.00
Terrafirma produce a range of uprated antiroll bars that can be fitted as an upgrade replacement of an existing standard antiroll bar or as a kit where the vehicle was not fitted with them from the factory. An antiroll bar is designed to reduce body roll and improve stability when cornering. They are most commonly used on lifted, heavily laden expedition or armoured vehicles but will also provide considerable benefit to vehicles where fast changes of direction can unsettle the vehicle as well as for vehicles used for towing. More recently the new trend of lowered road biased Defenders see great benefit from upgraded antiroll bars which help considerably with the lack of spring movement and close axle to bump stop clearance. Terrafirma antiroll bars Antiroll bars are made of spring steel and constructed in a U shape fixed at the left and right hand side of the chassis and at the left and right of the axle, connected with links to allow articulation. The stiffness is created by the length of the arms from the fixed point to the axle and of course the thickness and strength of the antiroll bar. To provide better control Terrafirma rear anti roll bars are not just thicker but also wider than standard designed to fit outside the original fixings, this is done by simply reversing the links in their mounts. The front is a stronger version to the original shape and design. To ensure correct fitment and reliable operation of the Terrafirma antiroll bars, link kits, spacer kits and spare bushes are available. The link kits should be used when there is no other antiroll bar fitted and the spacer kits are intended for use on lifted vehicles to make sure the links do not rotate over center on suspension drop out. Typically 1ヤ of spacer will be sufficient for 2ヤ of suspension lift. Terrafirma antiroll bars are suitable for vehicles fitted with chassis brackets as standard.

TF296 - PolyBush for Heavy Duty Anti-Roll Bar - For Rear Defender 90 (TF290 - 28mm) - Up to WA159806

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