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LRG612-LIGHT-V2-LHD - Non-Genuine Defender SVX Style Lamp Set - For Left Hand Drive Vehicles

Part Description

Part Number: LRG612-LIGHT-V2-LHD

Excl. Vat: £85.00

This item is a front lighting kit for the SVX style front grille kit for the Land Rover Defender. With the SVX grille now available as an aftermarket kit it is now more affordable but the light kit from Land Rover is expensive. We have developed our own light kit to create an affordable solution for the lights.

This kit contains the following parts :-

1) For the large headlight hole - Pair of 7" Crystal Halogen Headlights with inbuilt side lights. In addition this kit comes with a pair of upgraded H4 headlight bulbs.

2) For the top corner light - A pair of 4 LED DRL lights with fitting brackets.

3) For the bottom corner lights - A Pair of clear cystal indicator lights with chrome bulbs that flash orange and electrical connectors pre assembled with wires.

These lights are slightly different to the Land Rover kit but we think the DRL lights are more useful than the driving lights on the Land Rover kit. And as our kit does not have the driving lights there is no need for the additional wiring loom and relay that you need to wire in on the original Land Rover kit. This is not a genuine Land Rover light kit but can be used as an alternative to Land Rover Part number  VPLDV0001 ( these are over £600 from Land Rover ). This kit comes with our own design of fitting brackets to make all the lights easy to fit - we have tested these with our own SVX kit and it should also fit our SVX style grille kits but this has not been tested as yet.

Fitting Guidance

Wiring connections

Headlights - these fit to the original headlights connectors. There is a pair of wires at the bottom of the headlights that need to be connected to the side lights for the side light LED's

Indicators - These connect to the original indicator wires - you will need to cut off the original connectors and fit the new connectors provided ( Blue = Negative / Green = Indicator Signal )

DRLstyle Lights - These can be connected to the side lights - they are not so bright that they will cause dazzle at night ( no need for dimming relay ) they are more of an additional side light than a true DRL

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