RRS368 - Inner Sill Protectors And Tread Plate - Stainless / Brushed Steel

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8 Piece Kit, Two Pieces Per Door
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Enhance your Range Rover SPORT by fitting these Chrome door step inserts and tread plates. The 4 molded parts fit into the rectangular channel in the plastic part of the door entry step. The 4 flat parts fit stick onto the exposed paintwork on the sill step. It is worth noting that some of the tread plates that fold over the edge ( these dont ) interfere with the weather seal on the door and can cause noise. These parts are flat and stop short of the weather seal on the door. The dimension of these parts follow the genuine Range Rover item EBN500040 so you know its correct ! This listing is for a set of 8 plates with pre-applied automotive grade 3M self adhesive tape and a 3M pre-cleaning wipe sachet. Precision made from polished stainless steel these item are guaranteed not to rust or tarnish. These are not genuine parts but can be used as a replacement for genuine parts EBN500040 (retail price ᆪ250)
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Material Stainless Steel

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