RRH272SIL - Door Handle Covers - In Titan Silver Colour - To Give Look of 2012 Vehicle - For Range Rover L322

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Comes As An 9 Piece Kit (WITH or WITHOUT Cut Out For Door Key)
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Upgrade your door handles to make your vehicle look brand new. The paint finish on the door handles of the Range Rover L322 models is not as durable as you would hope and as a result many L322 Range Rovers are let down by scruffy handles. This kit is a cost effective way to repair your handles whilst upgrading your vehicles to the Titan Silver (if you have a 2002-2009 vehicle) A set of 8 self adhesive covers that will transform the look of your Range Rover in 5 minutes. These are popular with some of our motor trader customers as it is cheaper than stripping the car door down to remove the locks and handles and have them sprayed. Removing the handles from the door is of course the proper way to do this job but spending a few hundred pounds and finding a bodyshop is not an attractive option for most people. We also have these in chrome but many people prefer this option as the car maintains it original appearance. These covers fit over the grey painted door handles on your vehicle with amazing results. Once fitted it is difficult to see that these are covers - it looks like part of the original handle.
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