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EXT900MO-06 - Defender Momo Millenium Sport 14" Steering Wheel with Black / Grey Profiling

Part Description

Part Number: EXT900MO-06

Will Also Need Relevant Boss To Fit to Vehicle (Boss is not included like in Image)

Excl. Vat: £180.00

Black Leather 350mm this is a genuine MILLENIUM SPORT Black/Grey Profile 350mm 14" steering wheel .

These Steering Wheels are a direct replacement for the original steering wheel, easy to install and come with a complete fitting guide.

Produced from the finest materials - leather, and aluminium to achieve a unique design / style. Features of the MOMO Millenium Sport steering wheel include: Full leather rim, Air-leather side grips for increased grip, chrome detail rings, contrasting colour piping, machined centre spokes, leather centre horn pad with a chrome detail ring and embossed MOMO logo.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a Boss kit to fit this steering wheel to your vehicle, please choose the 36 or 48 spline to suit your application from the linked products below

PLEASE NOTE: Will only fit Defenders built up to September 2014 so thats a 64 registration number plate

48 Spline Boss will fit: All Defenders from 1993 to 1998 or standard specification vehicles from 1998 to 2008 however please note that it will not fit XS Pack defenders from 1998 to 2007 and will fit all Defenders from 2009 to Sept 2014 and will not fit 2015 models (for all other years/models please see 36 Spline Boss).

36 Spline Boss will fit: Fits all County Specification and all XS specification vehicles from 1998 to 2007. Will also fit all earlier Defenders from launch date to up to 1993 regardless of interior spec However this boss will not fit Defenders from 1993- 1998 or base spec vehicles from 1998-2008. and will NOT fit any Defenders from 2008 onwards. (for all other years/models please see 48 Spline Boss)

The 36 Spline Boss allows for easy fitting into a Series II, IIA, III Land Rover and early Discovery or Range Rovers models without air bag.

All Exmoor Steering Wheels come with indicator cancel as standard. We only use our own Exclusive Exmoor Boss kits as we find many other boss kits often don't turn of the indicators effectively and fitting of ours is exact.

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