Building Trust In The Internet Age - How LR Centre Is Going About It

August 23, 2019 | LR Centre | Posted by LR Parts

Word gets around. And in today’s connected world, it does so more quickly than ever.

As a result, what we say online about the people we interact with and buy from, is becoming ever more central to a business’s reputation.

LR Centre are a family-owned and run business, and while we’ve been established for more than 40 years, we’ve faced up to the challenge of evolving to meet the demands that have developed through becoming a truly online, international retailer. We take feedback very seriously and have in recent years integrated Trustpilot in to our LR Centre customer experience.

A Matter of Trust

Trustpilot describes itself as “the world’s most powerful review platform, built on collaboration”, and claims that: “More than just a rating, Trustpilot stars signify that a company has nothing to hide, loves its customers and shares our mission to create ever-improving experiences for everyone”

It posts 1.2 million new reviews every month, and more than 270,000 businesses are signed up to receive feedback on their products and service through it. That includes us, at LR Centre.

Trustpilot is a great way of measuring how we’re doing, ensuring that we stay on our toes – and that’s why we know our customers will keep the comments coming.

Direct, Quick And Easy

We ask all our customers to rate their experience, from one to five stars, and then give some information about how they found dealing with us.

It doesn’t have to be hugely detailed – most of the feedback we get is one or two sentences long. But the big thing is that every comment is received by us very quickly.

That means that, in the event of any specific issues being raised, we can jump straight on to them, and deal with any causes that are within our control. 

We’ve had more than 1,150 reviews kindly provided by customers through Trustpilot, and these have given us an overall trust score of 9.2 out of 10.

Every customer who buys goods from our website is automatically asked to rate their experience of dealing with us through Trustpilot. 

It’s important to note that giving your views is totally voluntary. But it takes most customers a matter of minutes.

And we’re pleased to note that this feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with 84 per cent of reviewers deeming us ‘excellent’, and a further 12 per cent giving us either ‘great’ or ‘average’ ratings.

Sample comments include:

“Really good price, really good service – can’t ask for more”

“Brilliant service from start to finish, polite, helpful staff. I have used the service before and I am always very satisfied”

From a customer in Canada: “What a great experience!! Fantastic products delivered in record time. I’ll be ordering again!”

From even further afield, an Australian customer wrote: “Fast service, VERY helpful staff. A problem arose due to no fault of the company, when notified of the problem it was fixed with no fuss. Thank you very much and I will be shopping here again.’’

Straight on The Case

Of course, these are just a tiny sample of the total number of reviews we’ve been given.

And as more than 650 of these have been sent since 1 January 2019 alone, and all are dated, it’s a great way for actual and prospective customers to gauge how we’re not only currently matching up to our buyers’ expectations, but how we’ve been performing over a longer period.

On the rare occasions when we have had some negative feedback, we’re made aware of this instantly by Trustpilot. So we can set about addressing any specific problems raised straight away.

Where we can offer a quick solution, such as a replacement for a part which turns out not to be the right one, we will always try to do so. 

See our full Trustpilot reviews here. You’ll see that they’re coming in on a daily basis, so it’s a picture of how we’re meeting our customers’ expectations right now.