10 Land Rover projects everyone's been doing in lockdown

April 26, 2021 | Land Rover | Posted by LR Parts

1. Fitting a new or replacement Land Rover badge

Starting off nice and simple: the final touch on any Land Rover has to be the distinctive green roundel. But they’ve become collectors’ items in some circles, and - rightly or wrongly - something of a status symbol.

But if you’ve fallen foul of such a theft, we can come to your help with an authentic replacement Land Rover rear badge. Then you can just carefully fix it on yourself, and your pride and joy will be easily identifiable by all and sundry!

2. Replacing one (or more) Land Rover or Range Rover wheel centre caps

Yes, it’s another of those not-exactly-vital but inexpensive and easy cosmetic fixes. Driving a car that other people find desirable does mean a risk of having those Land Rover-branded wheel centre caps pinched. Or they can get damaged in the course of regular use, which is no big deal in itself - especially when it’s no bother to replace them.

We get loads of enquiries for these, and can turn around your order in no time, so you have the parts ready to fit when it’s convenient for you. Then, almost before you can say ‘Job done’, your wheels are whole again.

3. Putting on a new Land Rover Defender front grille

Quick and convenient fixes are being done by Landy owners by the score, it seems. Here’s another which comes into that category - fitting a replacement Defender front grille.

Again, it’s a part that gets very commonly damaged by the cut and thrust of daily driving, especially when you add in the huge variety of off-road obstacles you might encounter in your Defender!

If your grille is cooked, just keep your cool and visit us. We’ll fix you up with the replacement part you need in a matter of days.

4. Replacing your Land Rover or Range Rover’s rear brake pads

The internet, and YouTube in particular, has broken down lots of barriers when it comes to our confidence to carry out lots of routine car maintenance jobs. Fitting a Land Rover or Range Rover with replacement brake pads has always been thought of as a fairly basic task - but now, with plenty of instruction videos online, it’s a job you can do pretty confidently, even with minimal mechanical knowledge.

A key is to be sure that you get trusted aftermarket parts which are at least the equivalent of the originals. And that’s something you can be sure of when you shop with us at LRParts. Buy your Range Rover and Discovery replacement brake pads here.

5. Fitting new wing mirror heads

Another regular car park casualty, a dinged wing mirror head will certainly not do anything to improve your Landy’s looks. But if you only need to replace the outer shell, it’s another cosmetic job you can easily do at minimal expense.

Again, you’ll find instructions quite easily online as a starting point, or you can ask for help from your mates here at LRParts. We know what a pain it can be to have a relatively small job like fitting hanging over you. But when you can just order a pair of replacement Defender mirror heads in a few clicks and get them in the post a few days later - what’s stopping you?

6. Swapping a worn out set of clutch and brake pedal rubbers

Pocket money-price replacements are pretty rare in Land Rover Land - but here’s one that really does fit that description.

So balance that tiny price against the feeling that you might not have full confidence in your ability to stop your car properly should you need to. As they say, it’s a no-brainer.

Fitted in minutes, these little pads will help you get fully back in control of stopping your Land Rover safely. They might only wear out over many years - but being so easy to switch makes replacing your Land Rover clutch and brake pedal rubber a job you’ve got no excuse for neglecting.

7. Fitting a new pair of Discovery side steps

The steps you use to help you and your passengers get into and out of your Land Rover or Range Rover are another part which is easily damaged - simply because they’re meant to stick out from your car’s lower body. That leaves them at risk of getting scraped - or worse - dented. A top-seller here at LR Parts, our Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 side steps have an anti-slip top surface, and match a set of mudflaps, so they work as a team to keep your Land Rover’s underside fully protected.

8. Securing your expensive alloy wheels with a set of alloy wheel nuts

Sad to say, but there’s still a thriving trade in knocked-off alloy wheels - especially because they cost a fortune in the first place. While most alloy wheels will last many years, their weak link is the chrome cap covering the end of the wheel nut. If you spend lots of time off-road in your Landy, this cap can easily corrode. The cap then expands, and becomes hard to remove. Our single-piece nut does away with the need for a cap - and so the rust problem! We stock sets of 20 heavy-duty alloy wheel nuts which will fit Defenders, Discovery 1s and Range Rovers, which will give your wheels many years’ protection.

9. Keeping your view of the road clear by replacing your worn wiper blades

Land Rovers take most mud and road debris in their stride. But when it comes to the dirt that’s kicked up onto your windscreen, they’re just like any other car, in that clearing it off quickly and properly is vital to keep your good view of the road around you. Buying such parts for a range of cars that’s as big as the whole Land Rover family can get confusing, though. That’s why lots of owners come straight to us for their replacement Defender wiper blades - because we know our stuff, we make sure that they get the right part, first time. Land Rover wiper blades are as easy to replace as those on any other vehicle, so it’s a pretty straightforward DIY job with the right instructions. And you might be surprised at the difference a new set of wiper blades can make to your driving pleasure.

10. Fitting a Defender coloured LED lamp kit

Having LED lights on your Land Rover or Range Rover is a bit like having a bag of your favourite sweets - one (or a pair) just isn’t enough.

Luckily, you can use LRParts to buy a Defender coloured LED lamp kit, which includes a full set of all the lamps you’re likely to need. A single blown light is one of the most annoying things that can happen to you - it often means you have to replace not just one light, but a pair, or even four. And while modern LED lights are made to last longer than old-style filament bulbs, losing one is at best inconvenient, but at worst could result in a fine. So if you always like to fit a replacement bulb as soon as you know that it’s not working, one of these convenient kits will save your bacon (and your cash!).

So that’s our look at what LR Parts customers have been spending their lockdown time doing on their vehicles. We used stats based on actual sales figures to put this list together - and most of these jobs can be done with little mechanical expertise. And the end result will be a Land Rover that looks better cared-for and will be more of a pleasure to drive. We hold thousands of similar parts in stock, for all Land Rover group vehicles, and will always be happy to put you on the right road to keeping your vehicle in top nick.

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