LR016235R - Autobiography Rear Spoiler for Range Rover Sport 2006-2009 - In Primed

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Enhance your Range Rover Sport by fitting one of these Autobiography style rear spoilers. It is not possible to fit the original 2010 Autobiography rear spoiler ( part number LR016235) onto the earlier 2005 to 2009 models ( without modification ) as for some reason Land Rover decided to change the rear mounting points. To overcome this issue we have had this spoiler specially commissioned with the 2005 mounting points but with the latest 2010 Autobiography styling. This item is a direct "plug and play" fit with no wiring changes / hole drilling etc. This spoiler comes complete with fitting kit - see pictures. This spoiler is supplied complete with a camera blank to cover the small camera hole at the rear of the spoiler. You will need to purchase a new rear brake light as the 2010 spoiler had a much neater slimmer LED brake light. This spoiler is not a cheap fibre glass item - this item is injection molded plastic just like the original factory item. The item is finished in mat black plastic ( as per original ) on the underside - this is no painted on the factory cars. The upper section is finished in primer ready for painting - this was painted body colour on factory cars. ( we can arrange to get a batch painted popular colours if there is enough interest ) You will need to get this spoiler painted before fitting. To fit this bumper to a 2005 model you will need to purchase the following items:- 1 x 2010 rear brake light (LR020147). Parts you re-use from you old bumper :- Washer jet nozzle and hose. Parts you have left to sell ( on eBay etc ) to recover some of the costs :- Your old rear spoiler - a popular retro fit onto the P38. Your old brake light - this fail and are expensive from Land Rover.
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