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RRE600 - Twin Exhaust Tail Pipe Tips Pair in Polished Stainless for LRParts - A Great Upgrade for Range Rover Sport

Part Description

Part Number: RRE600

To Fit Exhaust Pipes that Face Down Towards the Road
Excl. Vat: £99.99
A fantastic part at rock bottom prices for the discerning Range Rover Sport owner - a pair of twin tail pipes that fit to the standard exhaust tailpipe and don't knock against the rear vibration damper. These are the original NO CUT / NO RATTLE / NO DRILL. This listing is for a PAIR of exhaust tips that fit over the end of the existing Range Rover Sport exhaust with no modification to the car / exhaust required. Many people are unaware that the Range Rover Sport Diesels have twin exhausts as standard from the factory because the exhausts are hidden behind the bumper! These exhaust tips will extend the exhaust giving a true performance look to your vehicle. These tailpipes have 2 clamp bolts to secure the exhaust to the original end pipe but also have a unique safety tab added which acts as a secondary safety clamp - see picture. (2 x U-clamps provided with this kit). The exhaust gasses still pass through the original tailpipe and point to the ground - this ensures they meet regulations and prevents the back of you car being covered in soot. Made from premium grade stainless steel these items are guaranteed not to rust or tarnish. PLEASE NOTE: These do not fit vehicles with Horizontal Exhaust Tailpipes - Please see our other items if you would like an alternative that does.
Material Stainless Steel

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