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TF600XTL - Terrafirma Defender XTL Brake Hose Kit - Stainless, Braided and PVC Covered - Plus 40mm Height Defender 90 > 98

Part Description

Part Number: TF600XTL

By Terrafirma - Defender 90 1984 > 1998 (Up To WA159806 Chassis Number) - 3 Hose Kit
Excl. Vat: £46.00
Replacing the standard original rubber brake hoses fitted to all Land Rovers with stainless steel braided hoses will significantly improve brake pedal feel, reduce sponginess and increase braking efficiency. Stainless steel brake hoses can also be entirely corrosion resistant especially with stainless steel fittings. Developed for motorsport applications where braking performance has to be maintained in harsh conditions and at extreme temperatures, stainless steel braided hoses are more durable and considerably stronger. For on road or off road the benefits will be instant with more precise and confident braking, reliability and longer life. Terrafirma stainless steel brake hose kits feature the finest quality stainless steel braided hose with a PTFE liner and the hose end fittings are zinc plated steel as standard, with a clear PVC cover to maintain appearance. For the ultimate stainless steel braided brake hose our Terrafirma XTL range combines all the finest features of brake hose construction with a smart Terrafirma blue PVC cover extruded onto the braid during manufacture and including the highest quality stainless steel hose end fittings. Terrafirma XTL brake hoses are probably the finest brake hose available in the Land Rover market.

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