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403LEDRELAY3 - Relay for LED Indicators for Defender

Part Description

Part Number: 403LEDRELAY3

Excl. Vat: £13.99
Works with any mix of LED and normal bulbs. Ideal if you have bought the Britpart or Bearmach LED light set and now found it does not work as they do not sell the relays and did not bother telling you! This relay will also work unlike the red or blue units sold by alternative retailers. This will prevent you having to cut your wiring loom and install load resistors making it plug and play. This unit is 3 pin, some Land Rovers a 4 pin unit is fitted - all the fourth pin does is illuminate the picture of the caravan on the dash when towing ONLY if you have factory fitted towing electrics. All the lights will work fine including those on a trailer using this unit. Multivoltage so will work on 12 or 24 volt vehicles. This is the relay supplied as standard within our River Runner replacement lights set used on Land Rover etc. Please check the pin layout of your existing relay as there are different combinations - then check our other relays if this unit is not compatible. This unit will fit the Discovery 300 Pin 49 may also be marked as X, B, + or 15 - normally the postive power supply Pin 49a may also be marked as L, C or Comm - normally the indicator switch Pin 31 may also be marked as -, E - normally the earth/negative

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