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DA6431ESP - Professional Use Lynx Diagnostic Interface - Multi Vehicle Unlock - Land Rover and Range Rover Electrical Fault Finding Tool - In Spanish

Part Description

Part Number: DA6431ESP

A Revolutionary Approach To Vehicle Diagnostics - In Spanish
Excl. Vat: £858.59

What is Lynx?   -    Finding and rectifying common Land Rover electrical faults has never been easier. Britpart have worked closely with Omitec to design and build a highly advanced Land Rover diagnostic tool. As well as the multi-vehicle professional version a single vehicle home use version is available too. The Lynx interface is Windows based and when running diagnostics on a laptop or Windows tablet, far more information can be displayed to the user than on a hand held device. Being Windows based there is familiarity and flexibility with the interface and navigation is much more intuitive.

 See Lynx in action at

 What does Lynx do?

• Read fault codes
• Clear fault codes
• Read live data
• Test actuators
• Special functions
• Programming - such as alarm settings, key fobs etc.
• Service reset

 What do you get with Lynx?

• Windows compatible software
• Vehicle Communication Interface box (VCI)
• USB to VCI lead
• VCI to OBD II lead
• Quick start booklet
• Activation form
• Unlock code booklet
• Carry case with foam insert

 More about Lynx     -    As Lynx is Windows based, the system is future proofed due to your laptop or Windows tablet hard disk drive which allows for ‘many more' number of updates compared to hand held devices. Lynx is powered by Omitec who build the T4 - Official Land Rover diagnostics tool. Live data can be displayed using graphics; making it easier to read time based events and the live data can be recorded on the lap top for a comparison, an great advantage over hand held diagnostic tools as they do not usually have storage memory. The Windows based tool allows a simultaneous access to the vehicle diagnostics and consultation of circuit diagrams and other technical information. Allows you to access the internet if you are connected to it whilst diagnosing a vehicle and other such programs you might need to use in a garage environment. Lynx is supplied in a hard wearing carry case with foam insert to protect it when not in use. For the enthusiast home user using Lynx will mean no more trips to your local main dealer to clear any faults on your Land Rover.

 What do I need?

DA6430 - Single vehicle home user version. Unlocked for one vehicle only - VIN required. Upgradable for extra vehicles at a later date.

DA6434 - Home user additional vehicle unlock code

DA6431 - Multi vehicle professional version. Unlocked for all vehicles.

DA6432 - 14CUX Lead. For use with hot wire V8 Efi vehicles.

DA6433 - Upgrade lead. Power cable for use with firmware updates.

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