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5405JL - Millers Oil - 1L XFE 10W40 Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil (1 Litres)

Part Description

Part Number: 5405JL

Perfect Engine Oil For Land Rover/Range Rover Petrol or Diesel Model that is more than 5 years old
Excl. Vat: £6.00
PRODUCT NAME AND VISCOSITY: XFE 10w40. DESCRIPTION: A high quality semi synthetic Diesel engine oil of SAE 10w40 viscosity. APPLICATION: Recommended for use in Diesel engines fitted to cars and light vans. Suitable for both turbo charged and non-turbo engines. USER BENEFITS: . Will allow fuel economy and engine performance to be maximised. . Enhanced protection is provided against wear and corrosion. . XFE is specially formulated to minimise deposits and maintain a high level of engine cleanliness. PERFORMANCE PROFILE: ACEA B3, B4 API CH4, CI4 Mercedes-Benz 228.3 VW 505.00 PSA B71 2294/2295. TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS: SAE Viscosity Grade ... 10w40. Specific Gravity @ 15ᄚC ... 0.873. Kinematic Viscosity @ 100ᄚC ... 13.2cSt. Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ᄚC ... 90cSt. Viscosity Index ... 147. Pour Point ᄚC ... -36. Flashpoint ᄚC ... 220. Cold Crank Viscosity @ -25ᄚC ... 6,480cP

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