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KAM435 - KAM Diff Lock - Long Nose for Defender Rear Diff from 1998 Onwards

Part Description

Part Number: KAM435

Excl. Vat: £750.00
The KAM Locking Differential will fit the following vehicles: > FRONT DIFF for Defender 90 / 110 / 130, Discovery 1, Discovery 2 (Needs longer bolt fitting to Watts Linkage) and Range Rover Classic. REAR DIFF for Defender 90 (up to 1998), Discovery 1, Discovery 2 and Range Rover Classic. The KAM locking differential is electrically operated at the flick of a switch on the dashboard. A 45 amp burst of power activates a heavy duty dual coil solenoid located inside the differential cover. The coil pulls a selector fork which preloads the engagement spring and forces the sliding dog collar along the locking tube onto the carrier, the differential is now locked. A constant .5 amp current holds the coil in the locked state until the switch is deactivated and the locker disengages. The super strong 8mm cast alloy cover significantly increases protection of the ring and pinion making bolt on diff guards unnecessary. Under normal circumstances a standard or ムopenメ differential allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds for cornering, however when off road where traction can be lost, all the drive will be directed to the wheel with least grip which can result in a loss of forward momentum. The KAM locking differential provides the ideal traction solution by locking the differential manually. When activated, The differential lock engages in 0.4 second whilst on the move providing 100% drive to both wheels, ensuring maximum traction is achieved. No additional equipment is required in order to operate a KAM locking differential or LSD.

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