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EXT021-11 - Full Vehicle Premium Carpet Set for Defender Puma 110 Station Wagon with Square Wheel Arches - RHD & LHD Defenders

Part Description

Part Number: EXT021-11

Excl. Vat: £280.00

PLEASE NOTE: Certain Exmoor Trim items have to be made to order and can take a few weeks to produce. Please contact our sales staff on if you want an estimated time of delivery before ordering if this is a problem.

This carpet rear set will only fit a 110" CSW but still has the square wheel arches in the rear boot and no seats. Therefore this carpet set has NO CUT OUTS for rear forward facing tumble down OEM seats from factory fitting

The front floor mats, seat box are laminated with an acoustic backing approx 8mm thick over all, giving these parts sound and heat insulation whilst. Also heavy duty moulded heel mats and bound edging on floor mat sections for durability. We also supply adhesive with the kit to ensure you have all you need.

New gaiters for gear change and hi/low shift and also included is a new gaiter for the handbrake to complete the package and lift the interior with the Premium Options only

All Exmoor Carpet sets will fit left or Right hand driver options.

The kit includes all carpet panels also from behind the front seats to the rear door.

Complete 2nd Row floor area with floor panel insulated along with front and rear kick plates, Rear boot area is made up of rear insulated floor section and front section under the 2nd row seats with insulated wheel arch sections.

Extra panels included are rear body vertical side walls and extra panels for covering lights and fuel pipe panels to make a thorough job

All Exmoor Carpet sets will fit left or Right hand driver options.

Full Carpet set consists of:

Front Section

  • Pair of insulated floor mats with rubber foot mats on both sides
  • Gear box tunnel insulated with gear shift vinyl gaiter
  • Bulkhead panel
  • Pair of kick plates
  • Under dash panels to finish around the pedals
  • Pair of seat box carpets insulated that cover the entire seat box with access panels and seat single type mounting points pre cut.
  • Carpet studs x 12


Middle section

  • Kick plate section - rear of front seat box.
  • One piece insulated floor panel
  • Heel section and under mid row seats to meet rear floor section
  • Wheel arch front angle finisher panels (pair)


Rear Section

  • Bulkhead carpet rear side only
  • Rear floor section insulated
  • Wheel arches pair insulated
  • Side wall tub sections
  • Fuel pipe protection panel
  • Internal rear light cover panels
  • Tin of spray adhesive (not for international export orders due to customs restrictions)

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