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126 - Bio Degreaser - By Forte (400Ml)

Part Description

Part Number: 126

Remove Emulsified Oil From Cooling Systems Following Head Gasket / Oil Cooler Failure
Excl. Vat: £10.07
Forte Bio Degreaser will provide the following benefits: Remove emulsified oil from cooling systems following cylinder head gasket and oil cooler failure: Remove blockages from radiator and heater matrix where oil has emulsified: Remove residue left from combustion gases permeating through cylinder head: Drastically cut component costs and reduce down-time: Will not damage plastic water pump impellers. Forte Bio Forte Bio Degreaser is a biodegradable heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser free of petroleum or chlorinated solvents. It effectively removes oil and grease deposits from the internal surfaces of automotive cooling systems and restores heat transfer efficiency to allow the engine to run at designed operating temperature; thus reducing heat-related problems and engine failure.

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