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About Security and Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

We use Secure Checkout Technology to ensure the safe transit of your data. This basically means that the data that you submit to us using your Internet browser is encryted before it is sent across the internet to our website and visa versa, when our website sends data back to you it is also encrypted.

If anyone did intercept the data it would just be jumbled up hash data that is only readable by your browser and our website. It would be totally useless and impossible to decrypt. 

We use a third party called Thawte to verify that we are doing all we should be in terms of using SSL technology and display our certificate freely. They have issued us a certificate to display in your browser for your peace of mind and it can be viewed by clicking the "Lock" symbol by our web address when you are logged in or checking out. 

Make sure you look out for the "HTTPS" when checking out and paying for your goods. 

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